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Steph Curry Is A Basketball Alien, Makes Another 11 Threes In A Thriller Against The Mavs


Here I was, minding my own business winding down and relaxing after what was a pretty great sports day and I figured why not tune into this close Mavs/Warriors game. As I’ve stated Luka is already living in must watch territory, and obviously seeing him go up against fellow must watch players like Steph Curry and Kevin Durant there was no lack of star power. Safe to say this was a wise decision because the ending of this game was ridiculous.

After Luka hit this shot at the end of the third quarter you knew we were in for a wild ride

He wasn’t too shabby himself with a cool 26/6/5, and the Mavs seemed to always find an answer to everything the Warriors did for the first few minutes of the fourth. A combination of some big Devin Harris baskets, some DeAndre Jordan beasting, it looked as if the Mavs might actually pull this out. Remember, they are a much better team at home (16-5), and it wouldn’t be the first time they beat the Warriors in this building so far this season. They forgot one thing though, when Steph Curry decides to go supernova, there is not a person or defense that can stop him.

It started around the 4 minute mark where his three brought GS within 2. After a missed Luka FT with around 1:51 left, that led to a Curry floater, which is one of the deadliest shots in the entire league. Ridiculous float game. Then, after Luka surprisingly missed a patented step back three, GS found themselves with possession with under a minute left. You could see it coming a mile away, you knew Curry was pulling up for the dagger three, and one he got it into his dribble it was only a matter of time. It was a quick death for sure, some might even say cold blooded. From there, it was over.

On the night, Curry went 11-19 from three (32 FGA total), which marks the 7th time he’s had 11 3PM in his career which ties the collective number of every other NBA player combined. He finished with a cool 48/6/5 and this wasn’t even the only time this year he’s had 11 3PM. Remember when he did this earlier in the year?

It’s just not fair, the guy isn’t human. Even though things like this shouldn’t surprise me because he apparently does it all the time it still does. Steph Curry going nuts puts asses in the seats and it always will. Watching him break the hearts of thousands of Mavs fans was a quality way to subdue any Sunday scaries and we truly are watching the best shooter to ever live. I’d say appreciate this because you may not see a performance like this again, but it’s Curry so we’ll probably get another one next week. What a monster.