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It Doesn't Surprise Me That There Are Bozos Out There Like WhiteSoxDave Who Would Think To Dump That Eagles Loss On Alshon Jeffery


I’ll get more into this tomorrow but here’s the thing–the Eagles offense was a goddamn disaster from the 2nd quarter on. There was quite literally zero flow to that offense. And on the one final drive where they were finally starting to click, Doug Pederson decided to rush a play right before the 2-minute warning and that’s where the Eagles’ season ultimately ended. With a pass going through the hands of Alshon Jeffery.

But like I said, this offense looked like trash since the end of the 1st quarter. So to rush an offense that looked so out of sync to go out there and make a game-saving play without giving them the 2-minute to get themselves prepared mentally to make that play? That dropped pass could have happened to anyone. It doesn’t matter that Alshon Jeffery once said he thinks he has the best hands in the league. The offense was out of sync. They got rushed out there. He missed a pretty big catch. It could have happened to anyone. I’m not absolving Alshon of total blame. I’m just saying that rushing that play before giving him the 2-minute warning to mentally prepare himself to make the biggest catch of the season wasn’t exactly the smartest move. Maybe if the offense was clicking for a while ahead of time. But with how bad the offense was looking, I’d rather play it a little more safe in that position than to put Alshon is a tough decision to make a huge play.

But obviously people like WhiteSoxDave out there are butt hurt that the Bears were already out of the playoffs before this week and their old pal Alshon Jeffery played a major role in that defeat. So I’m not surprised. I just wish there were more people like myself out there who understand that not every single play out there comes down to making a play physically, but making it mentally as well. This was a mental mistake by Alshon. He could still very well have the best hands in the league physically. He just wasn’t mentally prepared to make that one at the time. Ya live and ya learn.

The offense in general deserves some blame. Alshon deserves some blame. Nick Foles deserves some blame. Doug Pederson deserves some blame. Jim Schwartz deserves some blame. So many people deserve blame for that loss. Obviously the Alshon drop was the final dagger, but there was so much more that went into that drop that is equally as guilty for the Eagles’ season being over right now.