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Eagles Lose A Heartbreaker To The Saints

Well, shit. Up 14-0 right from the jump in the first few minutes of the game…and then end with 14 points. That’s fucking impressive. The fact they held the Saints to 20 points total with the injuries on defense is an incredible feat in itself (even though the Saints held the ball for no less than 90 minutes in the entire game). They had plenty of chances to take it home, but as 8.5 point dogs we all knew it would’ve been tough no matter how much Holy BDN juju we had on our side. Not to mention after a 6-7 start it’s a miracle the we’re even put in a somewhat possible position to repeat. Nobody should be hanging their heads for long. Sure, Alshon should’ve caught that pass. No crap. Shit happens. Maybe you can blame Doug for rushing them to get a play off before the 2-min warning (even though it was the right move as Alshon was wide open) or him not accepting a 3rd down holding call in the second quarter in which led to a 4th down fake punt conversion and subsequent score, but I won’t. If anything, these last 6 weeks or so have only proven that this Eagles team has a bright future and will be a force to reckon with no matter who is under center between Wentz or Foles. It just…sucks.

They’ll be back, but in the meantime it would be cool if the Phillies could announce they’re signing Bryce Harper now. Like, right now.