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Venue Tap Giving Away The Ultimate Bachelor Party Package

Make sure your bachelor party doesn’t end up like this

I’m turning 28 soon. All my friends are getting old. So they’re starting to drop like flies. I feel like once a month I’m hearing about someone getting engaged. Which means its gonna be a long couple years of weddings and wedding gifts and traveling and losing your friends and all fun coming to an end as dudes get wifed up. But, what this also means is that the next few years are filled with bachelor parties. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and in the case of all your friends getting married your silver lining is doing all sorts of borderline illegal or actual illegal shit to send off another idiot biting the dust.

Now the only really banger bachelor parties I’ve been too were basically destination parties in Vegas and New Orleans. Those were just like vacations. But everything I’ve heard about local bachelor parties here has always been lame. Its either trying to go to some outrageously expensive club where you’re out of place or grandpa shit where you go play golf or something and don’t party at all. So thats where VenueTap comes into play. VenueTap is just the easiest way to plan any major partying event in New York. You go to their site, type in what type of event you’re hosting from birthdays to bachelor parties and when, and it churns out all sorts of choices depending on what type of scene you’re looking for. They’re looking to give away a FREE bachelor party package (Or really just a free night of partying, whatever the occasion) at one of their approved Venues. The party includes you and 10 friends, free transportation to the venue, complimentary entry to the venue, 2 free bottles of vodka, reserved table seating and waitress service.

All you gotta do is join their newsletter to become a VenueTap Insider. Just give them your email address and date of birthday (to confirm you are 21), and you’re in the running to be selected to win a bachelor party prize at one of the various NYC spots they endorse (Bounce, 49 Grove, Gansevoort rooftop, Empire Hotel, Side Bar etc etc.) All sorts of different places for different scenes to help you kill time before you end the night with lap dances at The Hustler Club. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP