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Imagine Being Dan Snyder, Seeing How Robert Kraft Runs The Patriots, And Then Doing The Opposite

I’m not here to suck the Patriots collective dick. Nor Tom Brady’s, Nor Bill Belichick’s. They get plenty of that from everyone who puts both The Town and Ted on their top movies list, I don’t need to jump on the fellatio bandwagon. But it’s hard not to, because of how freaking good they are. And to me, it all starts at the top with Robert Kraft. Because while the Patriots do laps around the rest of the NFL, he’s the guy in the owner box pulling the strings and making sure everything stays together, meanwhile the owner of my football team is Dan Snyder. They could not be two more opposite owners if they tried.

It doesn’t…it doesn’t even make sense how dominant the Pats have been. I feel like such a jabroni for jumping on the blog after a regular season win and hooting and hollering about the Skins being 6-3. I felt like a million bucks. I was like “this is the peak of happiness, we’re in first place in the NFC East, what could possibly go wrong!!!!”. Well as it turns out, everything went wrong, for the 20th straight year under Dan Snyder, everything went wrong.

But in New England, they keep a culture of winning. They pay who needs to be paid. They build what needs to be built. They keep everything in house, they don’t alienate their fan base, and generally have written the book on how to operate as a professional football team. And that’s my main point. That right there. Sure the Pats are very fortunate they have Brady and Belichick, and you can’t replicate that. But you can replicate everything else the Pats do, from the front office down, and Dan Snyder does the opposite.

Dan Snyder hires yes-men to stroke his ego. And when he hires someone who won’t stroke his ego, he fires them. Just boots them out the door and brings in someone who will get on his knees and lick his balls on a moment’s notice.

Dan Snyder has made coaching in DC a job people turn down rather than aspire to get. Coaches won’t even take interviews here because they know working under Snyder is career suicide.

Dan Snyder thrives off of leaking things to the media to create a narrative to further stroke his ego and to make those around him look incompetent (see McCloughan, Scot).

Dan Snyder is a liar, a manipulator, and a fraud. Remember when he paid Native Americans to stand in the pouring rain in Redskins jackets so he could be like “look, I’m not racist!”.

And of course, the whole Bruce Allen thing. The fact he just gave Bruce Allen another year, and a promotion is pure insanity. That’s how you know he doesn’t care about the fans. He doesn’t care about winning. He cares about Dan Snyder’s ego and that’s it. It’s pathetic, and why we will never be good.

Meanwhile, Robert Kraft:


It’s just night and day between the two owners. Night and god damn day. Dan Snyder is a little weasel piggy with zero redeeming qualities. He has systematically ruined the Washington Redskins and pissed off every single fan. He runs the team the opposite of how a successful NFL franchise should be run, always has, and apparently always will. So all we can do is stop going to games, stop buying merch, stop doing anything that supports the team in any way. I’ll still root for the players on the team that give it their all and come to DC and bleed burgundy and gold, but I cannot support anything that helps Dan Snyder.