Rahm Emanuel Releases A Video About How Great Rahm Emmanuel Has Been For The CTA System

If you’re on your way to your job in the loop this morning riding the Brown line before you transfer to the Redline at Belmont then this blog is for you. While you’re jammed into a car, jostling from side to side as the car jerks around corners, holding a germ cover rubber handle and trying to ignore both the people around you and lingering smell of urine, please watch this video so you can know about the wonders of the CTA!

Rahm is in a tough spot here in 2019. When you’re thinking about your legacy as mayor after 8 year and all people want to talk about is crime-rate this, and police brutality that, and corruption, and crippling debt, and people are writing op-eds calling you “The Murder-Mayor”

rahm 1rahm 2

You gotta look around for Ws somewhere and Rahm wants you to look at the CTA. If you’re thinking, “uhh my CTA experience is basically the EXACT same as it was 10 years ago” well Rahm would like you to know that he spent 8 BILLION dollars to keep your experience the same as it was in 2010 or 2000 or probably 1990. Not included in that $8bn was a decent security system I guess

rahm redline crime

So when you get to work this morning after 37 minutes of staring down directly at your phone please remember the man who made it possible. The man who basically invented public transit in Chicago. Remember “the best, most premium, mayor whoever lived(as long as you only think about the CTA and nothing else)”–Rahm Emanuel.