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Breaking: Rob Ryan Might Be Coming To Chicago


Chicago Tribune - Defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano will not be the only new coach on that side of the ball for the Bears. While the future of secondary coach Ed Donatell remains unknown, the Bears informed outside linebackers coach Brandon Staley he will not return, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. A source said the rumor making the rounds in league circles is that Rob Ryan, the son of Buddy Ryan, architect of the 1985 Bears defense, could be hired as the replacement for Staley.

Holy shit was this the rumor that I needed today. Could you imagine just being out one day and seeing Rob Ryan doing random shit around Chicago? Buying a TV at Best Buy, buying candy at Walgreens, or even just seeing him at a steakhouse. The sheer possibility of knowing that you could run into Rob would make me that much more eager to go outside. It’d be just endless content with him here, and on the sidelines.

Oh, and by all accounts Rob is a good coach too. Especially when the whole defense isn’t on his shoulders. I’ll take him as a position coach easily.

Bring him home, Chuck!