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Swedish Women's National Soccer Team Loses To A Bunch Of No Name Boys Playing A Man Short

Local – Sweden’s women’s national football team suffered a crushing defeat during a friendly in Stockholm on Tuesday, with the country’s top female players finding themselves shutout by an undermanned local boys team. The new national team coach Pia Sundhage, who returned home last year after taking charge of the US team for several years, decided to let her players tackle the male youth team for Stockholm football club AIK. Within 30 minutes, the boys had plucked one goal from the women, despite Sundhage asking the AIK under-17 team to take out one of its defenders and play with only 10 players on the field, reports the tabloid Aftonbladet.  “I wasn’t told about that until after the game,” national team defender Sara Thunebro told the newspaper. “We had our hands full during the game.”  Sundhage, who won coach of the year at the recent FIFA Ballon d’Or gala, often matched her American women against male players when she coached the US squad.  When she herself played, Sundhage’s teams occasionally played against a male team, whose speed presents a challenge that is helpful in training. “They were strong and aggressive,” 15-year-old Ilija Jurkovic told Aftonbladet.  “Lina Nilsson was hot on my heels but I won out by being a bit faster.”  The AIK boys ending beating their older, female colleagues 3-0.

Is there anything worse than combining women’s athletics with soccer? Like normal men’s soccer is borderline a women’s sport. Now we’re adding actual females into the mix. Its like women’s sports to the second power. Worst part about this all is the chicks asked the guys to play a man down. Like right off the bat the Swedish Women’s National Team knew they couldn’t beat a bunch of random teenage boys from the fucking Sandlot. Fucking Ilija Jurkovic leaving Lina Nilsson in the dust. These bitches came in 3rd place in the 2011 Women’s World Cup! Sweden was 3rd place behind Japan and the United States and 10 random ass dudes going through puberty smoked them 3 rip. I don’t know if this is a bigger blow for women or the sport of soccer. Maybe we should just do away with both parties and get back to real sports.

Disclaimer – My only “research” I did for this blog was googling Lina Nilsson and see that Wikipedia said Sweden came in 3rd. If any of those facts are wrong deal with it. If you think I’m spending any more than 30 seconds of my day googling the Swedish womens soccer team you are outside of your mind.