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After A Week Of Full Court Passes Going To Hell In College Hoops, UTEP Executes One Perfectly Down 1 With .5 Second To Go

There have been numerous full court passes this week that simply have gone straight to hell. Most notably the Creighton vs Marquette game which ended up costing Creighton the game. But, we saw it in Tulsa/Cincinnati as well. Now, this is maybe what they had in mind.

Here we have UTEP down 1 with .5 second to go. Seems like it’s a longshot right? Well, it is. It’s almost impossible to get a shot off in this amount of time when having to go the full length of the court. Luckily it’s a perfectly executed pass. I mean you really can’t throw it any better. It’s a complete dime to Jordan Lathon who really just had to turn and shoot. You can catch and shoot in anything over .03 according to the old Derek Fisher rule. This is about as close as you’ll get.

Just an unbelievable play to wrap up (so far) another crazy ass day in college hoops. It doesn’t matter what league or level of play. It’s craziness night in and night out now. While the pass will get a ton of love – as it should – this is an absurd shot. Knowing you don’t have any time to do anything besides launch it. Unreal.