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Aqib Talib Drops A Hard F-Bomb On Live TV Talking Shit To DeMarcus Lawrence

Helluva quote from DeMarcus Lawrence. Helluva season from DeMarcus Lawrence. Not sure I heard his name once tonight other than this quote going viral before the game. And it would have been elevated to an all time quote if he, yanno, backed it up on the field and put Goff on his ass a handful of times. Which leads us to Aqib Talib, who wasted precisely zero seconds to rub it in his face.

Aqib Talib and live microphones should probably never be allowed in the same zip code, but I’m glad this one slipped through the cracks. This is also why I don’t get people who say there’s no such thing as “extra motivation” come playoff time. Of course there fucking is. The Rams heard Lawrence talking shit and it was the first thing they thought of once the game went final. This is the first time the Rams have been to the NFC Championship as a franchise since 2002 and the first thing that ran through Talib’s head was, “You know what? Fuck DeMarcus Lawrence and everybody who love ‘em. I’m probably going to rob him of his jewelry once he gets that new contract this offseason.” Which he undoubtedly will. Now not only does DeMarcus have to live with this quote and Talib calling him out, he now has to spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulder, sleeping with one eye open, waiting for Talib to inevitably run his pockets. Tough way for a season to end.