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Injured Cowboys Superfan LeBron James Musters Up Enough Strength to Catch His Rams Play

Having a strained left groin from his game on Christmas Day may be keeping him on the sidelines for the Lakers, but there was nothing that could stop LeBron from showing up on the sidelines for his Cowboys game tonight. Or is he there for his new hometown team? No one knows, seeing as he’s sporting neither teams colors on his outfit or the purse he’s carrying. While many think that the Kid From Akron (forgot that? check Instagram any day of the week) is a Cowboys fan that grew up a mere 1,200 miles from Dallas, my sources tell me that he was once a HUGE Rams fan, too.


Regardless of who you’re cheering for tonight, LeBron, I just ask that you and your wife keep the alcohol and WEED off of live TV.

There are kids watching! You may allow your 14 and 11 year old sons to drink alcohol, but the rest of America frowns upon it.