After D'Marcus Simonds Hit A Game-Winner Where He For Sure Walked He Took To Twitter To Let Opposing Fans Know He Walked, Pushed Off And Is The GOAT

D’Marcus Simonds should be America’s favorite player right now. Just an incredible display of how to use Twitter. First, you had him hit the game-winner here against UL-Monroe. Simonds is a guy with NBA Draft prospects and a likely Player of the Year in the Sun Belt.

As you can tell he clearly walked and probably pushed off. I mean it’s in plain sight. Shockingly (because college refs are so damn good) they missed the call. I mean, sure, I get in the heat of the moment you get lost for a second if you’re a ref and miss the call, I guess. That’s the only explanation really. It’s a pretty clear play. Either way it wasn’t called and all credit to Simonds. He finished and got the win. That’s all that matters.

But then he got another win:

I actually chuckled out loud reading that. Just flat out admitting he pushed off and walked like hell then called himself the GOAT. That’s just the ultimate move. You can’t respond to that besides shaking his hand.

He followed it up with this, which is just a nice subtle jab, which I’m here for:

So consider me a D’Marcus Simonds fan. I’m all in on this guy and Georgia State.