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Cavs Targeting Lebron For Free Agency 2014

Yahoo – According to Cavaliers beat man Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal, the team’s stand-pat philosophy is aimed at making the biggest possible splash in two summers — a deal that would welcome Ohio’s prodigal son back into the fold:

[…] With the summer of 2014 quickly approaching, the length of a contract the Cavs will absorb is now limited.

Executives and agents around the league are convinced the Cavaliers won’t do anything to jeopardize their ability to sign a free agent to a max contract during the summer of 2014, when LeBron James can again become a free agent. As fans in Northeast Ohio continue to howl and remain divided about the possibility of his return, more and more people around the league believe there is a strong possibility James will indeed return to Cleveland after next season.

The Cavs are well aware of this, too, and won’t take on a bad contract if it compromises their cap space in two years.

Obviously this is completely preposterous to talk about free agency signings in 2014 and Lebron opting out of the final two years of his current contract and blah blah blah. But my question is, would you want this as a Cavs fan? Would you welcome back Judas?

Now, trying to pretend to be a Cavs fan isn’t easy. But if I put myself in the shoes of some poor bastard from Cleveland and I am 500% taking Lebron back. The analogy I use is this – Imagine you’re a below average dumpy dude and you’ve somehow by the luck of the draw landed a super rich, 10 out of 10 smokeshow who loves to give blow jobs and is down for anal. The whole time you were dating you kinda knew it was too good to be true and eventually she’d leave for something bigger and better. Inevitably she ends up dumping you for some hot shot baller in South Beach who makes her dreams come true. If a few years later that same smoke has sowed her wild oates and was willing to go for round 2 – and you’re still that same old below average bum – there’s no way in hell you’re saying no. Yes, you have to completely swallow all of your pride. Yes, its borderline pathetic. But you’re choosing from between being that same old Cleveland bum or being the dude banging a super smoke and living off her money. It may not be the perfect situation, but its sure as fuck better than the situation you’ve been stuck in since she last left.

But maybe Cleveland fans really did feel that betrayed? I dunno. I can’t put myself in those shoes. I’m not sure any fan other than Cleveland Cavs fans can. That was such an unbelievably unique situation I don’t know if anything compares. All I know is if you got a chance to pair Kyrie Irving and Lebron James you do it no matter what.

Obviously like I said this is probably never going to happen but its an interesting debate from a fans point of view in general. Would you sell your soul as a fan to win championships with the most hated back stabber in the history of your city? Does that kind of erase the meaning to it? Or is it just about that hardware?

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