Need To Piss So Bad You Use the Staff Bathroom at Weiner's Circle? Be Prepared to be Emotionally Abused

We’ve all been there – had to piss and/or shit so bad that we’d legit drop trow and go anywhere.  Finding a toilet with actual plumbing is just bonus points.  So I’m not even going to make fun of Blair here (she really does look like a Blair) – because anyone who willingly uses the staff bathroom at Weiner’s Circle is legit choosing between living a normal life or dying of bladder explosion.  Taking the verbal abuse she did from that cashier is the least of her worries.  Saving her own life by using their disgusting, hotdog disease ridden toilet is priority numero uno.

For me personally, it was on a Divvy ride from the South Loop to my apt. in Ukrainian Village.  Boozed all night at a buddy’s and passed out at his place next to a box of Sarpino’s.  About half way home my stomach was doing summersaults and I thought about ditching the $1200 divvy in an ally and going behind a dumpster.  Did I make it home?  I’ll let you use your imagination.

Use the comment section to share your worst personal stories of having to use the rest room.

h/t @ mikicorvs on IG