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This Is 100% How I'd React To Getting Leg Kicked Exactly One (1) Time

Listen, take nothing away from homeboy who went down here. I’m sure he put up a decent fight and just got chopped the fuck down throughout. He probably broke or tore something in his leg – whatever. He’s a warrior for even having the balls to step in that cage.

THAT BEING SAID – if I were to ever get actually leg kicked by a professional mixed martial artist, this is exactly how I’d react. Face, meet canvas. Crumble into the fetal position immediately, followed by me just crying my eyes out for hours. I’ve been watching MMA for over a decade now and I still cringe with each and every flush leg kick that lands. I’ll never get used to it. I was close, once, but then Anderson Silva happened.

That reset the tolerance ticker back to zero for me, and actually, probably just broke it all together. I’m that pussbag who can’t run on a treadmill for too long because I get shin splints, so uhh, yeah. Definitely not built for MMA. Barely even built for watching it.

Hope y’all are all enjoying your weekends.