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Marty Mush Divisional Round Slate

I just have to say my college basketball picks at the moment look glorious. Since I said that I am sure it will go to shit but this could be my hot streak. The Divisional round is my favorite because these matchups are electric.


Colts @ Chiefs -5

Everyone and their mother are talking about how the Colts could win this game and take the money line. I just still do not believe they are that good of a team. They beat the Texans last week who I also didn’t think were a very good team as well. It will be snowing at Arrowhead today where Indy is used to playing in domes while the Chiefs have been in these conditions before. Are people forgetting how good Mahomes has been this year and the Chiefs as a whole? I think only giving five points at home is laughable and make sure you take the Chiefs. I love this bet so much and Andrew Luck will not be able to will them to victory by himself. The Chiefs will contain Marlon Mack pretty easily and the only other threat is TY. Just don’t overthink this and take the Chiefs.

Pick Chiefs -5


Cowboys @ Rams -7

This scares me becasue the underdogs in the playoffs have been covering like animals. I am going away from stats today and just thinking about how the Rams are going to run over the Cowboys. The Seahawks should have 100% beat them last week and I just cannot stand to see Zeke eat after rushing for 8 yards. The Cowboys have absolutely no chance in beating or coming close to beating the Rams. The Cowboys defense has been pretty good as Dak had to just contain the offense for them to win. In order for them to win today or cover Dak will have to put on a show. He will be pressured all game and turn the ball over at least two times. Don’t think too much into it again with this gae.

Rams -7 

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