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Barstool NYC Local Smokeshow of the Day - Andie

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Introducing Andie from Cortland. There’s a chance this chick was already a smokeshow. When you’ve been doing smokes as long as me its hard to keep up with who’s been on the blog and who hasn’t. But I did a search for her and didn’t see anything so either A) This is a smokestack from Cortland that somehow slipped through the cracks or B) these are new pics of a previously posted smokeshow. Either way you should have zero problem looking at her.

If you jabronis would step up the nominations we wouldn’t have this problem. It takes 5 seconds, makes my life infinitely easier, and makes every day at 5:30pm that much better for Stoolies everywhere. Just email me and send me facebook links to the hottest chicks you know. KFC@Barstoolsports.com. Do it for me. Do it for yourselves. Do it for the Stool.