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Barstool NYC Local Smokeshow of the Day - Andie

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Introducing Andie from Cortland. There’s a chance this chick was already a smokeshow. When you’ve been doing smokes as long as me its hard to keep up with who’s been on the blog and who hasn’t. But I did a search for her and didn’t see anything so either A) This is a smokestack from Cortland that somehow slipped through the cracks or B) these are new pics of a previously posted smokeshow. Either way you should have zero problem looking at her.

If you jabronis would step up the nominations we wouldn’t have this problem. It takes 5 seconds, makes my life infinitely easier, and makes every day at 5:30pm that much better for Stoolies everywhere. Just email me and send me facebook links to the hottest chicks you know. Do it for me. Do it for yourselves. Do it for the Stool.