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Oh My God The End To Wheel Of Fortune Tonight Was Absolutely DEVASTATING

No gas I almost started crying. She had it. She knew it. She absolutely knew it and was 2 seconds late. 2 seconds from winning 1 million dollars. That’s how close she was. And it’s so hard to secure that million dollar space. She had to win it during the regular rounds, spin for it on that wheel of prizes thing, and then get the puzzle correct. It happens so incredibly rarely. And she was 2 seconds away. 2 seconds. When Pat opened up the envelope I, no hyperbole, got choked up. I can’t believe she had the million dollar prize in her grasp. It’s like the Titans coming up 2 yards short in the Super Bowl. It was $15k vs $1,015,000. Those extra zeroes..man. She had them. She freaking had them. Devastating. Sound off in the comments below with the worst thing to happen to you today.