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The Blackhawks Have Made A Trade And...It's Good?

Do I know if Slater Koekkoek is any good? No, I do not. What I do know is that his full boat can be burried in the minors. Something you can’t say about Jan Rutta. That’s a win. Koekkoek will probably never help the Blackhawks in any significant way, and that’s fine. Get that additional cash off the books. Both Rutta and Koekkoek are free agents after this year. So the short term cap relief of getting rid of Rutta makes my ears perk up a bit. Does Stan have have something else up his sleeve? What’s the angle here? I don’t know, but I like it. I give credit where credit is due and fixing mistakes is always a good look in my eyes. Now both Manning and Rutta with their combined #4.5M cap hits are off the books and that is a god damn miracle because they both stink. I don’t know what Stan is doing, but…cue the music