Marty Mush Friday Gambling Slate

I first want to come out and say there needs to always be day games on Friday. It just gets you ready for the weekend and keeps everyone busy at work. My YTD is now 11-15-1 with a brutal night. I have the bad beat big and I swear I will shake it. Lets get it.


Lakers @ Jazz -8

The Lakers have been doing and okay job with staying afloat without LeBron James. LeBron will not even make the trip to Utah but Kyle Kuzma is the truth. Watching him drop 41 last game was impressive and he will continue his hot streak into tonight. The counter to that is Donavan Mitchell. He has been playing his best basketball this month and it will be a good matchup. I think the Jazz laying eight points is too much though and won’t blow them out.

Pick Lakers +8


Bucks -1.5 @ Wizards

As you all know I am a sucker and a sucker for the Bucks. I had them a couple of nights ago against the Rockets. What a roller coaster. At one point they were down eight and all of a sudden you see they are up 20 in the 3rd. I hate to say this as well because I hated him at Virginia, Brogdon has been killing it. Between them two and Bledsoe at the point has been working in their favor all year. The Wizards are a team that I can’t figure out and has lost me some coin. The only problem with betting the Bucks here is their long road trip and they might just not give a shit about this one.

Pick Bucks -1.5 


Canisius ML

Again big weekend with the NFL Playoffs and college basketball games are real good. Time to get into the black.