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I've Never Seen Someone More Crushed About Their Movie Theater Closing Than This Woman

Before today, I think Jeff D. Lowe was the biggest movie fan I knew. Dude goes to like every movie released no matter how bad it’s going to be, hosts a weekly podcast talking all things Hollywood, and gets FIRED up about when an undeserving film wins an award during the open bar party they call the Golden Globes. But Norma Levy just came in and ripped that title away out of Jeff’s buttery hands with that quote. When old people throw around the shock they had when JFK was shot, you know shit is real. The Earth stood still at that moment as the leader of the free world had been assassinated, which has led to countless stories, movies, and conspiracy theories to this very day. Yet Norma’s world stood still the same way it did that fateful day in Dallas when she found out Lincoln Plaza flipped over the Closed sign and locked the doors for good. Forget about Pearl Harbor. (Whatever day Lincoln Plaza closed) is a day that will live in infamy,

Now I’m not as old as Norma D. Levy (I gave her Jeff’s middle initial as a sign of respect), but I have only witnessed those world-changing moments a few times. The OJ chase, 9/11, finding out Osama bin Laden got shot, the Sopranos finale cutting to black, and Janet Jackson’s boob coming out during the Super Bowl halftime show are some of the moments that anybody who saw them can tell you exactly where they were when that happened. I can’t imagine putting learning that my favorite movie was closing near any of those events. I guess if the theater had the best popcorn on the planet and super comfy seats, it could mayyyyybe be up there with watching the end of that Boise State vs. Oklahoma game where they did the Statue of Liberty play to win the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

But I think you have to save things like JFK getting shot for bigger moments than the movie theater down the block closing. Same goes for other incredible events I never saw live like man walking on the moon (which DID happen #USAUSAUSA), Bill Buckner letting the ball goes through his legs, and watching Michael Jackson do the moonwalk for the first time.

h/t upm