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White Girl Twerking At The No Pants Subway Ride

I hate the No Pants subway bullshit. I’m on the record saying that you gotta be a full blown asshole to do it, and every year its just an uneventful let down with fat ugly people.

But not this year folks! This year we got some action! We got some action in the form of a white girl twerking! Obviously she’s completely blacked and absolutely disgusting. But what I’m more interested in is this cat over here:

Guy is like Mean Gene Okerlund out there! Camera rolling, mic in hand. Breaking down the action. Interviews and analysis. I would love to know what he was saying. Probably something along the lines of “This white girl is whiter than Casper and about to get a train run on her by several excitable black men.” I mean I know thats what I was thinkin that whole time. Those circle jerkin mothafuckas were circling this bitch like a school of sharks.

PS – Gothamist reports that “Sources say that in a longer version of this video, the woman’s dance is interrupted by a phone call from her father, whom she begs to “stop worrying” about her, because “everything is going great” since she moved to New York, and she’s “meeting so many fun people.” 

Ignorance is bliss.