Portillo's Wants You To Know 10 Things That Women Love In Bed But Are Too Afraid To Ask For

A representative from the restaurant said the post did not come from anyone within the company. 

“The post was not shared by our internal team, and was shared by an unauthorized outside source,” said Ana Espinoza, a Portillo’s spokeswoman. “We are aware of a problem Facebook is having with their business accounts that is affecting our page at this time. We are diligently working with Facebook to temporarily disable our page and immediately resolve this issue.”

Hey Portillo’s…it’s not that serious. You don’t need to reply to every statement.

It’s just a cartoon and a generic sex tips headline. Anyone who has been to a grocery store has seen some version of this on four different magazines. “37 different ways to blow your man’s mind in bed” is on the cover of every women’s rag sheet magazine. I bet this was most engagement they’ve gotten. I won’t lie. I went to “”. Sounds like a totally safe website that totally won’t give you a crippling virus or anythink like that. I’m more disappointed in Portillo’s for what was in the article than for posting it on their site. I mean give me something I can use. Rough sex? Dirty talk? Sex in the kitchen? Gee, thanks Portillo’s. I know women like that stuff. I just sound like Jeff Bezos when I do it. Help me with the execution. Help me over-come my wiener.

This article was filth and spam and Portillo’s needs to make it right. Free beefs and dogs this weekend for everyone who is offended. Starting with me. Make it right.