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Jamie Lynn Spears Denies Zoey 101 Was Canceled Because Of Her Pregnancy

The most scarring thing that happened in most our childhoods was when Zoey 101 got cancelled. Zoey 101 was a great show! Pacific Coast Academy was the dream school! Zoey and Chase were my aspirational couple! It was one of those shows that triggered all of our pre-teen hormones. A boarding school for boys and girls in California? Tbh, very hot for an 11 year old. And since the dark, dark day of the final episode in 2009, my generation has been blaming Jamie Lynn Spears for getting pregnant at 16 and ruining an incredible show.

Jamie never said anything about the allegations. She had her baby, lived her life, and she seems to be a pretty happy, well adjusted adult.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.59.13 PM

But. On Thursday, Jamie Lynn Spears tweeted a video of the Zoey 101 theme song, and in the hashtags wrote “it did NOT end because of pregnancy” and “contract was finished”:

IMG_4190I still don’t know if I believe her. We all saw what happened, Jamie! What, was the pregnancy just suspiciously good timing? I don’t know about that. The show was successful and interesting, why end it if not for a cataclysmic reason? So whether or not the show actually got canceled because of pregnancy, we now know Jamie’s hard stance on it: her contract was up, and she decided to leave the show. Suuuure Zoey.