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Woman Goes Into Hypershits When Friend Decides To Drive Onto Racetrack During A Race

ENGLAND – A man has been arrested after a Volkswagen car was driven on to the track at Brands Hatch during a high-speed race. A 21-year-old from Tonbridge was detained on suspicion of false imprisonment, Kent Police said. It comes after a video was posted online of a vehicle entering the former Formula One circuit in West Kingsdown during a race on Saturday. The film taken by a backseat passenger has been viewed more than 200,000 times. He remains in police custody.”

Was it the smartest thing for these blokes to drive their VW right into the middle of a Formula One race? Probably not. But you know what else is pretty damn dumb? When you want someone to stop driving at a high rate of speed and spaz grab at the steering wheel. Jacks lucky she didn’t force his car to spin out and do flips on the infield. Get that bitch a paper bag and tell her YOLO.

You can’t watch this from an outsider’s perspective and not smirk. Beyond absurd.