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A Drug Dog Had To Be Given NARCAN After Sniffing Ecstasy At A Cruise Ship Rave

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Fox News- A Florida police dog got an overdose-reversal medication on Wednesday after he sniffed drugs on a passenger boarding a cruise ship, officials said. Jake, a golden retriever with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, experienced seizurelike symptoms and lost motor skills as he detected the drugs on someone about to board the Norwegian Epic cruise ship in Port Canaveral. Jake was given Narcan, a brand of the opioid overdose medication naloxone, because officials weren’t sure what was causing the reaction. The passenger who allegedly had drugs was charged with possessing a controlled substance without a prescription after deputies found that he had a sedative and other prescription drugs, as well as an amphetamine and ecstasy, according to the sheriff’s office.

Funny story but only funny because the dog made it. This had tragedy written all over it if they didn’t have NARCAN on hand. I would’ve lobbied to have those cruise ship ravers thrown in prison for life if the dog had died. Those people had to be stunned when they saw cops on their cruise ship. If there’s one place you think it’d be safe to do as much ecstasy as you want without police interference, it’s a cruise ship. In fact, I don’t like that cops are allowed on cruise ships to search for drugs. That should be like international waters. You get on a cruise ship, go nuts. Smoke, sniff, snort, shoot whatever you want out there. If the cops had never raided the cruise ship then the drug sniffing dog would’ve never sniffed ecstasy. Think about it.

Is NARCAN the same thing they used in Pulp Fiction to revive Uma Thurman? I could easily Google it but I like wondering. That’s my new thing. Wondering. Nobody wonders enough anymore. Any question anyone has ever gets answered instantly. Your phone is the ultimate answer machine. It’s nice to have but I encourage you to wonder a little bit more. It’ll be frustrating at first because you know you have the answer in the palm of your hand but you gotta ride it out. See how wondering makes you feel. Ask yourself random questions and don’t have them answered right away. How many kinds of dinosaurs were there? How long do you cook a steak to make it medium rare? What year did Alexander The Great die? How far away is the moon? What hand is the Statue of Liberty holding the torch? Just sit there and wonder.

Anyway. I’m glad that pup pulled through.

By the way, remember this song? I hate Ja Rule because it’s #GUnit4Lyfe for but this is a toe tapper