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Who Are The Best College Football Players Of Your Lifetime?

Tim Tebow is engaged to touch a woman/get married and WSD was NOT happy about him being back in the news this morning. Dave is one of those people, of which there are many, who love to hate Tim Tebow. I think those people are stupid. He says he doesn’t understand why people care about Tim Tebow. Said he wasn’t even that good and that were a ton of players like him who won a title and a Heisman and then disappeared. Like Erik Crouch. Couldn’t be more wrong. Tebow is without a doubt one of the best college football players whoever lived. I’m 32 years-old and he’s absolutely the best college football player of my life time. 2x National Champion, Heisman, 3x Heisman Finalist. His numbers are just preposterous. Over 10,000 yards from scrimmage. 145 TDs in 3 years. And maybe his most amazing accomplishment…he was such a good dude and so beloved that he was able to keep the stink off of Urban Meyer for an additional 10 years even though those Florida teams were laced with criminals and a murderer. A miracle in it of itself. He loves him some Jesus. That’s not my scene, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the greatest.

Here is the definitive Top 5 for College Football players in the last 25 years

1) Tim Tebow. For all the reasons above

2) Reggie Bush. Without a doubt the most electrifying player on one of the greatest teams of all-time. Reggie Bush could do everything at the college level. Best running back, best receiver, best illegal pusher and Heisman Trophy winner even if he had to give it back.

3) Charles Woodson

Woodson, kind of like Bush, was the sweetest guy of his era. Everything was smooth. He made so many big plays and did it in every phase of the game. Only modern era defensive player to win the Heisman. Woodson was bad the fuck ass too. Fighting David Boston in that Ohio State game is an all-time moment in one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

4) Adrian Peterson

His freshman year at OU was the most dominant season by a freshman ever. 1900 yards and 15 TDs. A true freak of nature at 18 years-old. Ran angry. Wanted to hurt people who tried to tackle him. Scary dude to watch. Injuries impacted some of his numbers in his final two years, but even though he only played 7 games his junior year AP still finished with over 1000 yards.


5) Vince Young

I was torn between Vince Young and Cam Newton here. It was one of those “don’t think, just throw” moments. VY was just as unstoppable as Cam in his final season at UT. He also rushed for over 3000 yards in his career. Longevity and the most memorable performance in recent memory gives VY the edge.

Honorable mention goes to Cam Newton, Ndamukong Suh, Randy Moss, and Eric Berry.

I feel like this list is largely skewed by how old you are. Woodson and AP might be a little old for some of you, but I can’t imagine anyone else cracking that top 5. I do want to hear who you guys think I missed though. We already got Trent’s vote