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"Sugar Babies" From NYU Speak Out About How They're Basically Whores

So yesterday we finished off the day talking about SeekingArrangment.com which is basically a website to match rich Sugar Daddies with “Sugar Babies” who are college chicks looking for “an allowance.” More or less a whore matching website. Turns out the numbers at NYU and Columbia are skyrocketing these days, so back in December the NYU newspaper interviewed a couple of these hookers. Here are some of the highlights amongst their whore babble:

NYU Local – “Mona”

Have you gone out with a married guy?

Joe is.

No way. For how long?

For a long time. They have kids and everything. I’ve been to the house when his family is not home and I’ve seen pictures and stuff.

Do you ever talk about that?

He told me at the beginning, but after that it was like whatever. He told me that his wife got sick with something. Something happened and there was no desire at all, so they stopped having sex for years and years. This is his way of looking for passion.

Are there any moral issues you’ve found with him versus the others?

Not really. To me, he’s not really hurting his family at all. He’s not hurting anybody else because nobody knows. It’s just him trying to find some happiness for himself. I just see it as me helping a person.

And him helping you back?


Did you feel any type of initial guilt when you walked into the house?

Strangely no, because I don’t really have that concept of family and marriage. I’ve always been very detached from that. One in every two marriages fail or whatever. I have no respect for marriage. It’s nothing to me. It’s like a piece of paper. I’ve seen so many failed ones that it wasn’t even a big deal to me. I was like, “Okay, this is just another person out of 5 million.” It’s strange to people when they first see it.

There are a lot of people that say this is prostitution. How do you see it?

I never have—really. I haven’t told any of my friends or anything. Just one friend who went away to California. It’s always been a little secret. I’d say, maybe it is? That’s just what I’m doing. It’s me doing it. It’s not you, so why should it bother? There’s no detriment to either party. It’s mutually beneficial. So I seriously don’t see how it can be seen negatively apart from morals with religion and stuff. With this kind of thing, there’s some respect. They have to buy you dinners.

Do you consider yourself a prostitute? How would you define what you are?

I don’t know. I would say I have no idea. I don’t think there’s even a word for it. It depends on so many things. I could be and I could not be.


How’s your moral compass looking?

Uhm … my moral compass was always quivering. It never settles down. Morals are subjective. In the case of being a Sugar Baby, I never quite have come to terms with it, and I still haven’t figured out if I’m going to look back and be like, “What the fuck was I thinking?” God forbid somebody digs into my past.

“Mona, Part 2″

What’s fascinating to me is that no one really knows about what you’re doing.

The funny thing is, I am the complete opposite person in real life. It also gives me a break from my own life. It gives us both a break. In real life, nobody treats me as a pet. I’m almost a dude in my group of dudes, and they never step off on me or anything. It’s a completely different life, but because I know that I’m putting myself in that situation, it makes me at least think that I still have the upper hand because I can always walk away from it.

Evidently, we’re the #1 school on the site. Why do you think that is?

It’s a very open-minded school with a lot of open-minded students that come from all over the world. They don’t have that closed mindset, like, “This is wrong, so I’m never going to do it. I’m never going to explore it.” They come here with that adventurous personality and they’re super curious. It doesn’t surprise me at all because it’s a bunch of people that think similar to me.

Get a load of these NYU whores! Especially that “Mona” slut. She is just cold blooded. Does not give a fuck about that dude’s wife and kids. “He told me that his wife got sick with something. Something happened and there was no desire at all, so they stopped having sex for years and years. This is his way of looking for passion.” As long as that chick gets drinks at a rooftop and dinner at Per Se that mother with cancer and those kids can go fuck themselves. But like she said “With this kind of thing, there’s some respect. They have to buy you dinners.” I mean Jesus Christ! I’m not one to sit on my cloud of judgment handing out life lessons to all the sinners, but Mona you need a good old face stomping. I sincerely hope that wife/mother catches you one day and delivers a “passionate” ass whipping for the ages.

The best part about these interviews and confessions and shit are these girls think because they have a shred of intelligence and a solid vocabulary they can rationalize being whores. They’re a bunch of 19 year old sluts who probably had a freshman philosophy teacher who told them “morals are subjective” so now they think they can justify whatever behavior they want. Take as many dicks as possible because Nietzsche believes in moral relativism! Smart enough to throw out some imagery like “my moral compass is always quivering” so they think their intelligence hides their shallow insecurity. I learned in my sociology class that 50% of marriages fail, so that guy and his sick wife are probably gonna get divorced anyway! Might as well fuck him and get 200 bucks for it! Rooftop martinis and reservations at a steakhouse! Sucking dick is a means to an end! You wanna fuck married dudes for money and try to justify it in your own mind, go ahead. But just remember that just because you’re book smart doesn’t mean you’re not a stupid whore.