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Walter White To Nick Foles: "You Are The One Who Knocks"

If there’s one thing that Philadelphians put more stock into than anybody else in the world, it is fictional characters. I mean we’re not total idiots. We understand that Rocky was based on a real boxer but Rocky Balboa himself was merely a character in one of the greatest movie series of all times. But even though Rocky is a fictional character, he still represents who we are as a city. Think about religion, for example. Just because none of those people ever actually existed doesn’t mean that billions of people around the world will stop identifying themselves as humans based on made up stories. So Rocky is essentially the same thing as a religion in the city of Philadelphia and we live our lives the way that we imagine Rocky would be proud of.

So when Walter White gets on Good Morning Football and gives Nick Foles the “I am the one who knocks” speech? We understand that it’s simply Bryan Cranston rehashing a character he portrayed in a hit TV series and using said character to parody himself here. But that doesn’t take away any of the validity of his message there. Just because he’s portraying a fictional character doesn’t mean that what he’s saying isn’t true. Nick Foles is the danger. He’s proven it time and time again when the stage is the biggest and the lights are the brightest. And Nick Foles has a ton of Heisenberg in him. I mean to be able to go from a dorky chemistry teacher looking goober like this


To being one of the biggest bad asses on the planet like this?

nick foles

Yeah, bitch ass Skyler can shut up if she has any doubts about this game on Sunday.

Sidenote: Wonder if Walter White also knows that Bryce Harper is signing with the Phillies tomorrow.