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Christ, let the man breathe John Clark. Scare him out of the city before he even has a chance to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars afterhours at Recess.

YAHOO – The Philadelphia 76ers are getting an extensive look at mutually interested ex-Kansas guard Andrew Wiggins during a team visit, sources told Yahoo Sports. Wiggins flew to Philadelphia and arrived Sunday night and is slated to work out for the 76ers on Tuesday, sources said. The 6-foot-8, 200-pounder is also scheduled to get a tour of Philadelphia and other key sites on Monday. The 76ers own the third pick in the NBA draft, and Wiggins would be excited to play for them if selected, a source said. Wiggins also is scheduled to visit the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have the No. 1 overall pick, on Wednesday, and the Milwaukee Bucks, owners of the second pick overall, on Friday. Those visits with Wiggins are just one day as opposed to the three days he’s spending in Philadelphia. The 76ers have not scheduled workouts with other elite draft prospects such as ex-Kansas center Joel Embiid, ex-Duke forward Jabari Parker or Australian guard Dante Exum.

Sold! 10 days till the draft and the Sixers haven’t scheduled any workouts with other potential picks. A little suspicious, no? Sam Hinkie knows what he’s doing and I doubt he’s putting all of his eggs in one basket, but all signs are pointing to Wiggins becoming a Sixer someway, somehow. Even if they have to trade Thad Young and a the 3rd to hop up 2 spots to grab him.

Hey, I’d be ecstatic if the 76ers land Embiid or Parker, too, but the potential with Wiggins is so out of this world it could rejuvenate this franchise sooner than later. Well, at least the fanbase. Sure, he choked bigtime for Kansas in the tourney but, come on. The Thoroughbred is freak central: