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Ric Flair Calls Out Wayne Gretzky And That's Where A Line Has Been Crossed

“Then we’re gonna go to Edmonton. The home of The Great One. Really?? Well the Great One is not the Nature Boy. The Nature Boy is bigger than the Great One. You know why? I didn’t need Marty McSorley to guard me on the ice.” – Ric Flair

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In terms of human beings to ever walk this earth, Ric Flair is up there as one of the most legendary. Ric Flair, George Washington, Ray Liotta and probably God I’dd say would be my Mount Rushmore. So obviously there’s not much that the Nature Boy could ever say that would be considered out of bounds or crossing any lines.

With that being said….If you come at The Great One, then we’re going to have a bit of an issue on our hands.

Now was what Ric Flair said necessarily inaccurate? Not at all. Ric Flair never had Marty McSorley wrestle for him while Wayne Gretzky was the benefactor of McSorley’s enforcement throughout many years of his career. But last time I checked, Wayne Gretzky had damn near 1000 more career points than anybody else in NHL history. He’s had more assists than anybody else in the history of the game has had points. And I’m sorry, Nature Boy, but you just don’t put up those kind of numbers if you have to sit out every other week because your brain is getting pulped into mashed potatoes out there on the ice. If Wayne Gretzky didn’t have Marty McSorely or Dave Semenko out there as his bodyguards, he would have been just another Really Really Good One.

And again, what Ric Flair said wasn’t totally wrong. But calling Wayne Gretzky out for having Marty McSorley guard him out there on the ice would be like calling out  Zuckerberg for having to use technology to invent Facebook. So Ric Flair is obviously still a legend. But there’s no need to be throwing ricochet shots over at The Great One for now. It’s not his fault the current Oilers suck ass.