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Replacing Fangio, 2019-2020 Schedule, And More Bears Notes


I know it sucks, but it’s time to start picking up the pieces and move ahead. Here’s some notable Bears stuff from the day/week:

Who Should Replace Fangio?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears

With Todd Bowles following Bruce Arians to Tampa Bay here’s a couple names that I’ve seen floated out there:

Gregg Williams – This is an interesting one as I think that Williams is a good coach who can independently take control over the defense. Nagy would once again not have to worry about that side of the ball, and I’m sure that’s appealing to Williams as he seems like a guy that doesn’t want to deal with anyone. The biggest issue with Williams is that he runs a 4-3. Do the Bears have the personnel to make that switch? Should we mess with something that’s certainly not broken? Ultimately that’s a decision for Ryan Pace/Matt Nagy to make. Oh, and then there’s that whole Bountygate thing which seems like it’s been forgotten about, but you never know with the McCaskeys.

Chuck Pagano – I feel like Chuck gets alot of shit for some of the things he did during his tenure in Indianapolis, but if you look at his actual history the guy seems to know defense. He was the DC for the Ravens in 2011 where they ran a 3-4, and finished with a 12-4 record. That sole year is what got him the Colts job. He’s an interesting option that will also provide Nagy’s staff with more experience.

Ed Donatell – Donatell was our DB coach this year if you didn’t know. He’s been with Fangio since the San Francisco days and I think he makes a lot of sense. He knows the personnel, he knows the system, and he knows the organization. If he doesn’t get this job then he’s most likely going to follow Fangio to Denver so he’s a name to watch closely as it’s already been rumored that he interviewed for the position already.

The 2019 Home/Away Schedule Is Here

Anddd that’s the kind of schedule you get the year after you’re good, folks. If we’re going off this year’s trends it’s nice to see that we’re getting alot of the strong/playoff teams like the Chargers, Saints, and Chiefs at home. Yeah, the Rams are in LA, but so what…now we just have to smash their faces in with the sunshine shining down on us. Every year in the NFL is an uphill battle, and next year will certainly be no different as the schedule is an absolute gauntlet.

Peanut Tillman Hints That He’d Be Interested If Ed Donatell Goes To Denver Or Gets HC Job

I don’t know what’s going on with Peanut’s FBI career, but I do know that I’d be happy to have him teach the in’s and out’s of the peanut punch to Prince Amukamura and Kyle Fuller. Sign him up, Ryan Pace.

Cody Parkey Goes On The Today Show


You think you’re over the loss, and then Cody Parkey decides to trot his ass onto national television to talk about how he’s more than just a football player. Get this shit outta my face.  Just go down to Florida and enjoy your offseason, Cody. We don’t need this bullshit right now.

Bear Down.