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Survey Says the Most Feared QB in a Big Game is Tom Brady #StillHere

The Athletic conducted a confidential poll of 85 defensive players from 25 different NFL teams and asked them a series of questions about the quarterbacks they face. A few results:

–The most underrated quarterback according to the respondents is Cam Newton, with 14 percent of the vote. Phillip Rivers was a close second, with 11 percent.
–The most overrated is Kirk Cousins.
–95 percent of them believe Colin Kaepernick should still be in the league.
–The QB they think should most be replaced by Kaepernick is Blake Bortles, followed by Nathan Peterman, who is actually no longer in the league.

But the money shot of the whole Bleacher Reportish survey was this question: “Which quarterback would you least like to face in a big game?”

Of the 85, 81 answered. And 42 picked Tom Brady. That’s 52 percent. Aaron Rodgers was next with 26 or 32 percent, followed by Drew Brees with six.

Stupid professional defensive players. What do they know? There are 32 starting quarterbacks in the league and Brady got more votes than the other 31 combined? How dumb are these guys?

Don’t defenders watch TV? Have they never once turned on a sports talk show? Or seen what they’re own league is putting out there?

Apparently not. Because if they did, they’d know that Brady got old. His numbers are down across the board. He doesn’t like to get hit. He’s flinching away from contact. He always was a system quarterback who couldn’t throw the deep ball, but now he’s got a noodle arm. And he’s too busy undermining his coach and going over his head to the owner to force trades if he feels threatened by his back up. He’s aloof. His teammates have to call him “sir.” And am I the only one who remembers he skipped OTAs, for Christ? How can you fear a 41-year-old in a big game in January if he skipped non-mandatory OTAs back in May?

I just wish these guys would smarten up. Just because most of them have been on the pointy end of Brady’s sword in the past and his last two years of postseason games look like this:

Brady playoffs

… doesn’t justify having respect for him. Or naming him the QB you least want to face in the biggest moments. It’s just embarrassing the way these professional football players don’t know as much as the experts do.