Two Guys Have A VERY Close Range Roman Candle Fight Trying To Reenact A Harry Potter Fight Scene

Source –  While it’s fun to play pretend, it’s not smart to shoot lit fireworks at other people. Fortunately, nobody was injured when these two guys in San Marcos, Texas, decided to play Harry Potter in the most dangerous way possible.

I did some research into ‘Harry Potter fights’, and it turns out they aren’t some new phenomenon sweeping the nation- they’ve been happening since the films first debuted in 2002. If you want to have one you only need two things: a roman candle…

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 10.24.14 AM

and an empty skull.

Close-Up Of Human Skull Against White Background

That way, when you light yourself on fire you won’t feel bad about being such a fucking idiot. Full disclosure, I engaged in a few roman candle fights when I was younger, but NEVER at point blank range. These guys were ten feet away from each other and shooting to kill. They’re also grown men, which would make it that much more embarrassing if they were to actually get hurt. Imagine explaining you lost an eye as an adult due to a Harry Potter firework fight. Or what if you got arrested? Imagine reading that arrest log in the paper.

“Twenty-nine year-old man arrested for public intoxication after residents reported an adult screaming”wingardium leviosa” outside their residence. Upon further investigation, the resident reported observing two men shooting fireworks at each other in the parking lot of their apartment complex. Both idiots were arrested” 

Luckily, these two were able to avoid both injury and arrest. Others haven’t been so fortunate.