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This Nikola Jokic One-Handed Full Court Pass Is Breaking My Brain

One of the viral plays of the season and not just last night is the one above. Nikola Jokic is a goddamn wizard and this pass should be illegal. I mean we’ve heard coaches and players talk out about how great of a passer Jokic is, which is insane when you remember he’s 7’0″.

But, this play? This play is absolutely beautiful. It’s also pretty damn impressive for anyone to pull this off.

First, you have the rebound. Just a casual one-handed catch and turn. That alone is a pretty good start. Especially with the quick turn and pass. But, then that pass? My God. Hitting a streaking Jamal Murray directly in stride? Quarterbacks want to make that perfect of a pass. Murray is just running a 9 route and catches it right in the breadbasket.

It’s just absolutely absurd. I could watch Nikola Jokic play every damn day. The dude is so good and so unique. He has a bit of Gasol in him with the passing. He has a little old school Sabonis and Vlade in that sense too. But, then he can handle the ball, step out and shoot it a bit. I mean the guy is averaging over 7.5 assists per game!

John Elway is ready to draft him right now.