Cheez Louise! Costco Is Selling A 27-Pound Bucket Of Mac And Cheese That Has A 20-Year Shelf Life

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People- Oh Costco, you’ve truly outdone yourself this time. The wholesale store just figured out a way to make sure you will never run out of mac and cheese again: sell it in a 27-lb. tub.

The Chef’s Banquet Macaroni and Cheese Storage Bucket now sold at Costco holds 180 servings of the fan-favorite meal. Piled high in the six-gallon container are separate pouches of elbow pasta and cheddar cheese sauce. The tub sells for $89.99, which really means you’re only paying $2 per serving. Also, you’re making quite the investment as the product will last a long time—two decades in fact. The shelf life is so long that Costco listed the product under “all emergency foods” on the store’s website.

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Did Costco do it again or did Costco do it again? I remember when wholesale stores first started getting big and people would always say “I don’t understand the point of buying a membership to a place that sells mayo by the gallon or olives by the pound”, which was a very fair point. But once you went to Costco, it all made sense. You had the exclusive feeling of being in a club by flashing your membership card that kept all the riff raff out, got to feel like a traveled person by hammering a million different types of free samples, packed everything you bought into your trunk like it was a game of Tetris, and those discounted bulk prices. Oh brother, those discounted bulk prices.

Oh yeah and lets not forget the best deal in the history of mankind.


One of the biggest and tastiest hot dogs on the planet along with all you can drink soda for the price of 6 quarters will never stop blowing my mind.

But now the good great WONDERFUL people at the Costco are just running up the score on regular grocery stores and killing countless #NewYearNewMe low carb diets a week after they were born with a bucket of mac and cheese that weighs more than my four-year-old daughter. $90 for 180 servings of mac and cheese is pretty much free in my mind. And we’re not talking about the mac and cheese with the cheese powder that inevitably ends up with too much milk and turns into a mac & cheese soup. This is the gourmet mac and cheese that comes with the cheddar sauce that oozes out of a packet, which means it is an idiot proof food that can also go punch for punch with any other entree on the entire planet. And in case that wasn’t enough, it has a shelf life for 20 years. Granted, this bucket of heaven wouldn’t last 20 days in the Casa de Clem, let alone 20 years. Same goes for the 6.5 pound bucket of Nutella that hit the internet earlier this month.


But for the normies of this world that have a shred of self-control, if Kim Jong Un, Vlady Daddy Putin, and Trumpy Bear ever decide to fire up World War III, it must be nice to know you will be eating like a king in Adam Morrison’s fallout bunker until the nukes and subsequent chemical rain that could melt your face off stop falling while the people without a Costco membership would likely rather walk into the post-apocalyptic landscape outside their shelter than eat another can of green beans.

I’m sure there will be haters that say who would buy such a ridiculous amount of mac and cheese because there are haters of everything on the internet, even a tried and true classic like mac and cheese. But as the old saying go, market doesn’t lie.


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