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New York City Girls Looking For Sugar Daddies To Help Pay For School

NYDNDon’t have parents to pay for college? More New York City co-eds are turning to rich “daddies” online. Seekingarrangement.com, a site that helps broke “sugar babies” find  wealthy, older men announced in a press release that more and more young women from New York University and Columbia University are signing up. When the company analyzed its data for 2012, it discovered the site was seeing the fastest growth from women attending these two universities. In 2012, 285 women from New York University enlisted to see if they could receive extracurricular perks from meeting men on the site. Columbia University, the only Ivy League school to make the site’s top 20 list, saw 100 new female “sugar babies.” Company spokesperson Jennifer Gwynn points to the city’s skyrocketing cost of living combined with ever-rising tuition and housing rates. “Most college women seek an allowance of around $3,000 a month,” said Gwynn. “In New York, ‘sugar babies’ ask for more, around $4,000.” New York University and Columbia are noted for its exceptionally high costs.

I can’t decide who’s more absurd in this Seeking Arrangements situation. The whores asking for a monthly allowance:

Or the old dudes with their monthly allowance budget:

First of all, before we get into this, “Wealthy Dr. Seeks Group Activity” with the budget of more than $20,000 – email me. I know I’m not exactly what you’re looking for but for an allowance of 20 grand I’m sure we can work something out.

Now, lets get one thing straight – if you’re a girl on this site, you’re a whore. Just plain and simple. Which is fine by me. This is a viable business. An online forum of supply and demand. Matching buyers and sellers of goods and services. Thats America. This is modern technology.

But you’re a whore.

If you’re a dude on this site, you’re probably just interested in cutting through the bullshit and finding the exact specific type of whore you want. I guess its like a custom ordered whore. Like when you’re ordering from Seamless Web and you just check the boxes you want and you can add in “extra instructions.” Custom order the exact type of desperate, poor, young girls you’d like to purchase with your money. More or less its like Taken but with willing participants.

PS – Do you think this is the worst Sugar Baby in the history of prostitution?

Hey Bethany just a hunch but I dont think Wealthy Dr. Seeks Group Activity is looking for a Sweet and Nicer Person at a $3,000/month rate. Like was that honest her best prostitution pitch? Or was she trying to convince herself? I’d imagine for a lot of these chicks openly searching for someone to pay you for sex has gotta be rock bottom so that might just be Bethany speaking out loud to herself “I AM A SWEET AND NICE PERSON.” If I was a chick my name would be Nogagreflex Anal.