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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Man Who Went To The Zoo To Look For Young Boys Because He Was Receiving Brainwaves From Justin Bieber?

Huff Po – Is Justin Bieber telepathically communicating with sex offenders? Never say never. Lawrence E. Adamczyk of Rockford, Ill. is in police custody after a Riverside Brookfield High School security staff member reported a suspicious person walking the hallways during a swim meet on Saturday morning, Riverside Police said in a news release. The 49-year-old suspect, who has been arrested several times on sex offenses, told police he was on his way to the Brookfield Zoo to “look for young boys,” when he received a “brainwave message from Hollywood recording artist Justin Bieber.” When police arrived at the scene, Adamczyk was sitting in the swim center bleachers, according to the police. He wore a white shirt and had a duffel bag across his chest. When officers approached, the suspect allegedly said his children were competing at the meet, but refused to name them. He was escorted to an adjacent hallway, where he provided a driver’s license and recounted his Justin Bieber brainwave anecdote. Adamczyk also “made several other intensely sexual statements involving young boys” that were “too graphic to include in a public statement,” according to the news release.

Hey Larry I’m pretty sure Biebs is a little too busy to send you brainwaves about kidnapping kids at the zoo. Thats all the evidence the police need right there. Just check what Biebs’ alibi is. Well Mr. Adamscyk – Biebs was apparently balls deep in a Victoria’s Secret model after smoking a blunt in LA when you said he was allegedly sending you brainwaves to look for young boys. Turns out you’re just a pedophile! Next time at least come up with a plausible brainwaves scapegoat you idiot.