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Dolan Ordering Spies To Record Everything Carmelo Says While In MSG

USA Today – In the next game after Carmelo Anthony served his one-game suspension for confronting Kevin Garnett in an arena tunnel, New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan recorded every word his star player said, according to Dave D’Alessandro of 

Two [MSG Network] audio technicians were stationed at two corners of the court — one a few feet just behind the Knicks bench, the other diagonally opposite — and they were holding those umbrella-shaped contraptions known as parabola microphones, which fed the audio into a DAT recorder on the truck on the loading dock.

These guys had one directive from Dolan: Record every syllable Carmelo Anthony utters and absorbs while he’s on the court and on the bench, the Madison Square Garden CEO ordered them, and send the tape directly to me.

D’Alessandro doesn’t know what the recordings were used for.  He speculates Dolan could have use them as a teaching tool or as the basis for a lesson with Carmelo about how to comport himself on the court. After his alleged incident with Kevin Garnett, ‘Melo could use one. Then again, this is the enigmatic Jim Dolan we’re talking about. There are limitless possibilities here. Maybe he’s on a Homeland bender and thought listening to Carmelo would help get Carrie closer to Abu Nazir.

Just your friendly reminder that this is still Jim Dolan’s franchise and he’s still one of the stupidest motherfuckers in all of sports. People have been getting on me for not being excited enough about the Knicks and not being a real fan and shit. On the contrary, my friends. I’ve spent the first half of this season enjoying the Knicks success with guarded optimism. Because at the end of the day they still rely heavy on the jump shot, aside from Tyson Chandler don’t have many defensive minded players, and last but not least they are a Jim Dolan franchise. One of the most dysfunctional owners in all of New York and that is saying A LOT. So yes, I know the Knicks have played well. Yes, when they play up to their potential, they appear to be one of the better teams in the NBA. Its been fun so far watching them come together. But as long as there are superstars fasting and owners spying and even one shred, one iota, one 0.000001% chance that Isiah Thomas’ name could be mentioned with this organization ever again, I won’t believe it until I see it with a Jim Dolan Knicks team.

Who knows what the fuck the reasoning is behind this. Could just be some mic’d up material for a Knicks feature. Some people are speculating its to see if he’s talking too much shit. Some people are saying its to catch other people talking shit to him to prove how much that KG altercation was instigated by others. Maybe he was trying to catch Carmelo saying “No thanks I don’t need to eat before tonight’s game because I’m fasting and I don’t need food” so that he could call him out for being a fucking idiot. But whatever the reason, having the press find out you secretly record your franchise player, and only your franchise player, is bizarre.

PS – I’m pumped Iman Shumpert is coming back too, but Knicks fans have gone ahead and basically proclaimed him the greatest defender of all time. Lets pump the brakes with anointing him the next Gary Payton or some shit.