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Couple With Their Exact Same First And Last Name Find Each Other On Facebook, Get Married, Eventually Divorce

NDYNThey share the same name…but even that isn’t enough to keep these two together. Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt have decided to pull the plug on their three-year marriage after learning that identical names do not make for eternal nuptial bliss. “We gave it our best shot,” the male Hildebrandt, Kelly Carl Hildebrandt, told NBC 6. The pair, whose improbable Facebook romance captured national attention in 2009, recently filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences.” “She’s a Florida girl, and I’m a Texas guy,” Kelly Carl Hildebrandt of Lubbock, Tex., said. “We really did come from pretty different worlds.” The couple’s 21st century courtship began one night in 2008, when the bored female Hildebrandt, Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt, typed her name into Facebook to see if anyone shared it. Kelly Carl Hildebrandt was the only person that came up, so she decided to send him a message. “She said, ‘Hi. We had the same name. Thought it was cool,’” Kelly Carl Hildebrandt told the Associated Press in 2009. “I thought she was pretty cute.” Over the next several months, the two bonded over e-mails, then daily phone calls, and finally a visit to Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt’s home in Coral Springs, Fla., where Kelly Carl Hildebrandt “fell head over heels.” The two tied the knot less than a year later during a ceremony at Lighthouse Point Yacht & Racquet Club in South Florida. “He is just everything that I’ve ever looked for,” Kelly Katrina Hildebrandt said. “There’s always been certain qualities that a guy has to have. And he has all the ones I could think of – and more.” But their modern fairytale romance obviously didn’t last. Their divorce hearing is still pending, according to court records obtained by NBC 6.

I get all sorts of questions here on Barstool and on KFC Radio about this. “Could you fuck a girl with the same first name as you?” “Could you fuck a girl with the same last name?” “Could you fuck a girl with the same name as your mother?” The answers to all these questions are always the same. Yes – I could fuck a girl with any name imaginable. If there was some smoke completely naked and she was like “Hi my name is Feitelberg. Will you come fuck me?” I’d be like “Giddy up, Feits!” Because I’m not having sex with the name. I’m having sex with the vagina. Now if I met a chick who called her pussy Feitelberg, thats a little bit of a different story. But nonetheless, my reasoning here still stands – if a chick is hot and I want to bang her and she’s down there’s no chance I’m letting her name stop me. No matter what it is.

Now this goes double for a chick who has the exact same first and last name as me. Do you know who I love the most in this world? Me. My fucking self. Kevin Clancy. Thats who. So if I could have sex with a cute blonde chick named Kevin Clancy thats like a dream come true. The whole time I’d be like “Oh Kevin Clancy! You fuck so good! Oh Kevin Clancy you are so fucking sexy! Having sex with Kevin Clancy is the best thing thats ever happened!” She wouldn’t even know whether I was talk about her or me. I probably wouldn’t either. It would be like a weird mixup between masturbating and role playing and sex. Sign me the fuck up! Lets get kinky, Kevin Clancy! Things might get a little confusing but lets explore this shit!

PS – And yes, I know there’s a difference between just banging a chick and marrying her. So if you’re gonna ask the question “Would you marry a girl who has the same exact first and last name as you?” you might as well just stop at “Would you marry…” Thats where everyone should answer that question with “no.” Doesn’t matter what her name is when you’re living your boring repetitive married life. Only difference is you can add in a life time of “Yea. We’re actually both named Kelly Hildebrandt. Yea, I know. Crazy.” There would just be 2 miserable Kevin Clancy’s instead of one probably.