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Art Rooney Said It Would Be "Hard To Envision" Antonio Brown Being With The Steelers Once Training Camp Begins

Lets go live to see what Le’Veon Bell is doing right now:


Damn man, it looks like we are finally in the endgame for one of the greatest soap operas the sports world has ever seen. With all the talk about The Sopranos 20th anniversary going on today, this almost feels like all our beloved characters are moving on just like the Satriale’s boys. Granted those guys were getting wacked every other episode and these guys are just going to get traded and/or paid by millions of dollars other teams. But I think the comparison still fits. Le’Veon Bell appears to have fallen ass backwards into a nice clause buried deep in the CBA that allows him to become a free agent and get PAID by another team without having to play a down during the season while Antonio Brown seems to have pissed off the most important person in the franchise to the point of no return.

Then again, I guess a season where you tweeted out a pseudo trade request, got a lawsuit filed against you for throwing furniture off of a 14th floor balcony, missed meetings, got pulled over for going 100+ MPH, oh yeah and just so happened to quit on your team before a do-or-die Week 17 game against a division rival after allegedly getting into an argument with the franchise quarterback was too much for Rooney to take. Or the Steelers always being able to find wide receivers in the draft is like Highlander in that there can only be one. They had Plax and Hines Ward for a while before Plax went to the Giants. Then Ward and Santonio Holmes battled for Steelers supremacy, which ended with Holmes going to the Jets. Mike Wallace held off Manny Sanders, who went to Denver to help Peyton Manning break records. Antonio Brown became PIT WR1 after Mike Wallace turned down his big extension, so the Steelers gave it to Brown instead. And now Juju Smith-Schuster appears ready to fill in for Antonio atop the depth chart before James Washington pushes him out.And based on what we have seen from him during his young career, I look forward to Juju’s battle against the Steelers on social media. Fuck that team is good at drafting wide receivers.

Anyway, it looks like the Killer B’s era could be over in Blitzburgh just like that, with only a Wild Card L, a couple of losses in the divisional round, a curb stomping in the AFC Championship Game by the Pats, and a few seasons missing the playoffs. Something about that just seems sad as a football fan.

Speaking of football fans, someone better check on this guy ASAP:

P.S. Can you imagine how much quicker the Steelers would have gotten rid of Antonio Brown if he did the problematic things Odell Beckham Jr. did like go on a boat trip a week before a playoff game or punch a kickers net on the sideline? I can’t believe the Maras keep that monster anywhere near the Meadowlands.