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Fat Chick Who Fell Through The Sidewalk Says Being Fat Saved Her Life (With Pictures Of EXACTLY What You Expect Her To Look Like)

Daily Mail - A 400-pound woman who fell through a New York sidewalk claims that her size actually came to her rescue and that a slimmer woman may not have survived the accident. Ulanda Williams, 32, of Queens, was attempting to shelter from the rain outside a restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side on Friday night when the ground collapsed beneath her.   The six-foot-five woman fell about seven feet into a hollow basement, breaking her arm in two places and had to be rescued by the fire department with a crane.  But after being released from hospital a bruised Williams told the New York Post‘Thank God, they said that my size was the only thing that saved me.’ The social worker, from Springfield Gardens, had cuts on her face and neck and was wearing an arm brace as she left NewYork-Presbyterian hospital. Williams said there were no warning signs indicating any possible danger before her fall: ‘It happened so instantly that I didn’t even recognize anything.  ‘Cement was all over me, debris. They had a bed frame down there, broken pipes and wood pieces. It was a hollow place,’ she told the Post.

In case you missed it this weekend, I put up a blog about an enormously fat woman who fell right through sidewalk she was so large:

You know when you know you’re too fat? When the fuckin earth underneath you can’t support your weight. When a concrete sidewalk just buckles under the pressure of having to carry you. Thats literally rock bottom. You’ve fallen through the earth and you’re stuck in a cave. At the bottom of the rocks. Its like when Winnie The Pooh’s fat ass got stuck is Rabbit’s door hole. Except you’re just a fat bitch at Atomic Wings falling through the earth’s crust waiting for a goddam crane to show up to lift you to safety. Think it might be time to hit the gym, toots. You are literally too fat to live.

Well maybe someone should tell me to shut my smug skinny little bitch mouth!  The only reason Ulanda Williams is alive today is because of her size. Never mind her circular logic ignoring the fact that she would have never fallen through the earth’s crust if she didn’t run about 6’5, 400 pounds! Lets just focus on the fact that if some twig fell through a hole in the sidewalk, they’d be fucking dead. Let this be a lesson to us all – if you’re not 400 pounds, your life is in danger.

Fuckin fat people! Gotta love em. They will rationalize being fat however they possibly can. Glorify their gluttony until they convince themselves being morbidly obese is where its at. Big is so fat she breaks the ground she walks on and then praises God for being so fat shes alive. Classic. Keep doing you, fatso. Keep living life at 6’5 400 wearing a bedsheet as clothing in public. Keep rocking Quankles. Those are like cankles but when you’re so fat your quad rolls right into you ankles. No calf in between – Quankles. Keep living life protected from unexpected accidents because you know your fat will protect you while the rest of us non-morbidly obese people wait to die.

PS – If the Jets can sign that Norwegian kicker based on his youtube video, they can sign this bitch up to play O-line based on that picture.