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This Little Baby Is About To Own The Internet

How fresh is this little fucker! No pants, no problem. Diaper hangin on the bottom. Fresh pair of Nikes on. Pacifier in my mouth. And Pops is rocking out on stage. Steal the show? Don’t mind if I do.

Plus by the looks of  dad on stage and the blond woman cheering him on in the corner, I’d say this little man is a chocolate vanilla swirl. No little white baby can shake it like this. Best of both worlds going for him. When I was just a stupid white baby when I that age I probably just sat in my stoller, red in the face while I shit in my pants. This kid is up there crip walking, practically does the Harlem Shake at 1:08.

PS – Anybody get the sense that this is just all part of the routine? Dad didn’t even flinch when his kid ran on stage. Just kept on going with this Brown Eyed Girl-867-5309/Jenny medley. Probably exploiting the shit out of this dude in diapers.