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Donald Trump When Asked About Jeff Bezos' Divorce: "It's Gonna Be A Beauty"

Well that was an unexpected word to use. Never not once has anyone else used the word “beauty” when talking about a divorce. I don’t totally know what he means but at the same time I actually agree with Donnite T here. If he means “beauty” by, like, it’s gonna be interesting to watch what happens in the Jeff Bezos divorce then I’m 100% with him. It’s fucked up to say because it’s about someone’s personal life but it’s gonna be fascinating to watch how Jeff Bezos and his wife split up that 140 BILLION dollar fortune. We’re talking about the richest man in the world potentially losing HALF of his money. That’s a fresh vein of interesting shit. If your first thought when you heard the Bezos divorce news was, “I wonder if he as a prenup” then you agree with me and The Donald. It’s gonna be a beauty.

So I’m pretty sure that’s what Donald Trump meant when he said, “It’s gonna be a beauty.” He meant that the billion dollar Bezos divorce will, for better or worse, provide for some entertaining and interesting content. Because if there’s one thing Donald Trump is all about, it’s content. Sweet delicious content. I’ve said it before but there’s never been a bigger content guy than the POTUS. Him and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things but that dude fills up the content cup until it runneth over. He did wish Jeff luck which was nice.