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HOLY SHIT: The Eagles Final TD Vs. Chicago Was Almost A Broken Play Until Golden Tate Made A Last Split-Second Improvisation

First of all, this video is a must watch for any Eagles, nay, football fan. Except maybe for Bears supporters. They should avoid this and stay in hibernation. Good midwestern folk like Eddie can only be killed so many times. This entire video is incredible, but the biggest nuance is how intricate the final 4th down TD ended up being, yet how simple it looked to the casual observer. From an outsider’s perspective it just looks like Foles roles out and throws a SNIPE to Golden My Tate. Little do we know what went into calling the play, or the fact that Tate wasn’t aware of Nick Foles’ pre-snap adjustment…until AFTER the ball was snapped. The freaking dude looks back at the beginning of his route and breaks it off at the perfect moment for a TD. Who looks back immediately into their route? I have no idea. Whatever the reasoning, great for Tate for noticing instantly what needed to be done and for breaking off his route for the game winning touchdown. And credit to Foles here for adjusting his throw. If BDN doesn’t almost sidearm that bitch then everyone is on the golf course right now.

Unreal stuff. That play was so close to being a clusterfuck of a disaster it’s not even funny. Can you imagine if the Eagles season ended on a 4th down play at the goalline because Golden Tate didn’t hear the adjustment and RAN THE WRONG ROUTE?!?!?! Unreal. Not to mention they essentially wasted the first two downs by running the ball up the gut with Darren Sproles. Sure, if Lil’ Lighnting would’ve somehow scurried his way through, great, but in hindsight we would’ve CRUSHED Dougie and the boys for their playcalling. Great job by everyone to step up in the most cluch ways possible. That’s what champions do, dammit.

Still, we’re onto the Bayou. Say it together now: