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Here's Everything Coming Out From The 20th Anniversary Of The Sopranos In One Place

Today marks 20 years since the Sopranos premiered on HBO!

Now I’d feel like an asshole sitting here and discussing what the show meant when it premiered since I was barely out of the womb on January 10th, 1999. BUT what I can do is put all the awesome stuff coming out on Twitter today in one place for you. The cast is together again doing press by the boatloads and it’s just making me smile. Let’s check it all out.

SQUAD. I gotta say everyone in this picture doesn’t look a day over 30, right? If you think Nick Saban doesn’t age…take a look at the Queen herself! Edie Falco looks GORGEOUS. And how ’bout Uncle Junior! Dominic Chianese actually may be the best looking 87-year-old this side of the Mississippi. Sadly as amazing as this photo is, seeing all those faces without James Gandolfini fucking sucks. No way around it.

The Soprano kids all grown up would make for quite the spin-off! Now that’s a show I’d pay for.

Silvio & Paulie! I’m not crying…You’re crying

No fuckin’ Ziti now?


Vincent Pastore is a 72-year-old man. A senior citizen. He doesn’t deserve burns like this.

Guess Tommy Devito wasn’t the only one close to Henry Hill that could talk shit to Spider, eh?

Really the only thing I have to say on this one is that I love Hesh. He is America’s grandfather.

Just another example of how fantastic James Gandolfini was.


Well let me tell ya if that’s the case these 2 are the GOATs of not knowing what they’re doing. Excuse me while I go watch the Whitecaps fight.

So I guess all those early scenes of Tony and Chrissy driving wasn’t in front of the green screen? Ya learn something new everyday.

I could watch those therapy scenes until the end of time.



The E Street Band have some beef with Journey that we don’t know about?

If I ever see Tony Sirico in a dark alley I’m walking the other way.

Thank GOD this did not happen. If I actually had to watch Phil Leotardo shoot Tony I would’ve stopped watching television altogether.

David Chase & Edie Falco discuss what the made show so damn good.


Of course you need to see the whole crew remember James Gandolfini.

Great written interview here with David Chase as he touches on a bunch of stuff including the ending and what Tony would think about Trump in 2019.

Here’s a huge debate from Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall, a Sopranos savant with all the tweets above who moderated the panel last night, breaking down what they think happened as the screen went to black.

It’s not the most popular opinion, but my personal belief is that Patsy Parisi had Tony killed at Holsten’s by the dude in the Members Only jacket. He never got over identical twin Philly’s death, his son very well may have gotten arrested with Jason Gervasi which means Tony would’ve had to go for Patsy in fear of him flipping to help his son like Carlo, and finally the look he gives after he gets him a refill during a casual hangout with their soon-to-be-married kids in the final episode. Why else would this scene have been thrown in the most pivotal hour in television history?

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.48.29 AM

Now to all the ‘Many Saints of Newark’ leakage David Chase has been gracious enough to hit us with this past week.


Young Tony in the movie is gonna be SWEET! Don’t get me wrong I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping for more of a teenage Tony working his way into the mob, but hey I’ll take what I can get. Any inkling of Tony Soprano is better than no Tony Soprano.

Looks like Holsten’s was contacted to shoot some scenes there which means 2 things…a nice easter egg is being planned or they’re somehow gonna patch up the ending. If it’s the latter I will be able to die in peace. Please be the latter.

Finally this is probably the most we’ve heard about the movie and it comes at the hands of the man playing Dickie Moltisanti, Alessandro Nivola. It sure sounds like Dickie, not Johnny Boy or Junior, will be the main character and I’m totally fine with that since he’s a frequently heralded character that’s never been seen on-screen. I’m all here for it. In David Chase we trust. 2020 can’t come soon enough.

I’ll finish off with this- watch your favorite episode tonight followed by this. It’s required viewing on a day like today.