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CC Sabathia Was Basically 24 Hours Away From Dying Last Month

Divisional Round - Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees - Game Four


CC Sabathia returned to his popular R2C2 podcast today which he co-hosts with Ryan Ruocco. This was his first show since undergoing the heart procedure that led to doctors inserting a stent to open up a blockage in a clogged artery. CC confirmed he’s 100% ready to rock for the upcoming baseball season, which will be his last. The big fella went on to explain that not only his career, but his life was almost over before that season even began. After undergoing a stress test and an ultra sound, CC left the hospital to go home and get ready for an upcoming trip to London where he was scheduled to promote the Yankees vs. Red Sox mid-summer matchup later in 2019.

He got a call on the car ride home saying he had to come back ASAP with his wife Amber because they had to operate immediately and fix what was going on before it was too late. His widow maker artery was 90% blocked and if he had gotten on that flight to London he said he “would not have made it back.” CHRIST. CC obviously isn’t in the best shape in the world and his family has a history of heart attacks so he was essentially a ticking time bomb ready to go off. Thank God he picked up on his symptoms when he did and got this taken care of. Nevermind him pitching for the Yankees again, but I think I speak for every Yankee fan in saying we love CC the human being and would have been absolutely devastated if we lost him like this. He said he recently got all the way through a stress test and has been cleared by doctors to resume full baseball activities. Great news all around, we need him to be our fifth man in the rotation.

Now trade Sonny Gray.

P.S. CC did say he plans on losing a lot of weight when his playing days are over.