Have You Ever Seen A Skier Die In A Tree Well? Because It's Terrifying

If you don’t ski, you’ve probably never heard of death by tree well. Hell, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of this death method if you don’t ski in the back country like a totally sick motherfuckin’ ski blaster. Basically, if you’re not spraying the deepest pow, face shots and back shots, fully-buttoned snow skirt, avalanche beacon peepin’, clutching handwarmers in your palm on the chairlift, camelback hose froze, you may not know the risks of tree wells. Today, I will warn you about the scariest, quietest way to die in the world.

Tree wells are formed by snow and trees. The lower branches of the tree prevent the snow from compressing, resulting in a hole. These “wells” can run DEEP. And if you go in face-first, and you don’t have a buddy to come dig you out, you’re fucking dead. Your skis will act like an anchor, locking you in. As you struggle to dig yourself out, more snow fills in around you, clamping down and further cementing your place. The more you struggle, the more your snowy coffin constricts. I can’t think of a worse way to go that doesn’t involve vicious animals.

This year alone, two skiers have been killed by tree wells. According to some website that looks terrible, over 20% of all skier deaths are caused by tree wells. Wow! Bet you thought avalanches and partying caused at least 90% of skier deaths. Nope. At most, they cause 80%, which would allow for the 20% caused by tree wells. That’s math.

If you find yourself trapped in a well and you’re skiing alone, chances are, you’re toast. Christ, look at young Ethan in this video:

Screaming and you can barely hear him. Sounds like a rabbit wearing a ball gag with a broken leg. If you don’t find yourself taking a bunch of deep breaths as he gets pulled out of the snow, then you lack empathy and probably don’t write thank-you notes for your Christmas gifts. Terrifying.

This one is NUTS. This guy just completely disappears upside-down, and he’s in there for a WHILE:

If you’re going ripping tree lines in the deep fluff, make sure to ski with a buddy nearby. Let’s stop all these needless tree well deaths once and for all.