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KFC Radio Episode 24 Part II

The episode that inspired my Play by Play Opus from earlier today. But my favorite part had to be El Pres talking about living in a house with all of his mortal enemies. Like the Real World but with Jenna Marbles, KO Barstool, Sales Guy. Everyone he hates with the fire of a thousand suns under one roof. Classic Pres.

If you’re still not sure what KFC Radio is all about, I think one youtube commenter summed it up perfectly. “Man, these are pretty much the discussions that we have at work.” These episodes are the epitome of guys sitting around drinking beers shooting the shit about everything dudes talk about. Either you’re down with this shit or you’re a gay ball. One or the other. Call the Barstool Hotline for next week’s episode. 646-80-STOOL. 646-807-8665. Keep your voicemails funny and short (under 30 seconds) to make it on the air

Shout out to @HighSteppnHyder who correctly answered yesterday’s trivia challenge, followed all of the KFC radio members, and won himself an exclusive Barstool hoodie. Each week one of us tweets out a question related to the most recent episode, so keep up with KFC radio and the rest of Barstool on twitter for a chance to win.