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Sean Payton Rolling Out Armed Guards, $225K In Cash, And The Lombardi Trophy During Team Meetings Has NOTHING On What Doug Pederson Offers To Motivate His Players

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That’s not the first time Sean Payton has offered cash under the table to his players, amiright? What a spectacle. Armed guards. A relic from a decade ago. Over 5-years of an average person’s earnings sprawled out in cash for a potential 3-weeks work of worth. Touche, Sean Payton. Touche, indeed. Nice to see you’re already somewhat overlooking this week’s game by motivating your players with the ultimate prize, but it’s got NOTHING on what fellow Super Bowl Winning head coach Doug Pederson offers his players to get the juices going for victory. What does the Eagles fearless leader dangle out there for motivation? Money? More money? The MOST money? Even better…

That’s right. Vanilla ice cream. White frozen nectar from the heavens. Grab some ice cream and then hang onto Doug’s giant sac, we’re going for another ride into destiny. Birds by a billion. Book it.

PS – All jokes aside but thank GOD Doug Pederson is a successful head coach for our sake, but for his sake more. Can you imagine Hue Jackson acting that way during team meetings and seemingly be more concerned about the vanilla ice cream melting next door over going over film? He’d get CRUCIFIED and be left on the cross for the vultures. Win a SB, and you can act however you damn well please. God Bless Doug.